Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let's hear it for the Boys!

So I've had quite the week and haven't been able to blog daily - I have a bunch iof thoughts in my head - so get ready to read my ramblings! hahhaa!!

First up - the guys!

Do they really just "show up"?? Shouldn't we "give" them something to do? I am giving my groom free reign to choose his own shoes and socks, after all, he's been successfully dressing himself for 35 years now - okay okay - maybe 31 years??

I love seeing photos of argyle socks, Vans shoes, Jordans, anything other than the same old tuxedo shoes -- which according to all the guys in our wedding - are about as uncomfortable as a gal wearing a size 6 shoe when a 7 is really needed - yikes!

So here we go - let's hear it for the boys!

Pics from; greenweddingshoes; greylikesweddings; pamela marie photography

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