Friday, October 16, 2009

Just Throw It in the Bag!

A great way to thank your awesome bridesmaids would be to give them a cool, functional gift! Gone are the days of the monogrammed tote bag - while not a "bad" gift, it's definitely been around for several years and is now something predictable... Shake things up with a laptop sleeve, wristlet in a hip pattern, or hand made clutch that your bridesmaids won't soon forget.

All Images and Items from 1000 Markets Stores Didi Lemoure; CocoaDreams; BrianaE; Mareri; and J.E. Gaton

Wrap It Up!

Brrrrr - it's gettin' cold out there... okay okay - maybe not in SoCal or Florida - but for the autumn and winter brides in the colder areas, here's a great way to keep warm and still look like the diva you really are!

All items and images from ETSY Store SpAZooiE

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ring 'Em!

no no no not the 1988 MC Hammer song - i'm talking about wedding rings, engagement rings, rings rings rings!

Always a sucker for a great pic - here are just a few of my faves:

Images from JackieG Photography; Furious Photographers; Tinywater Photography; Simply Knot Photography; and In a Frame Photography

Thursday, October 8, 2009

DIY Mini-Caramel Apples

This mini version of the fall fave caramel apple would be perfect for a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner treat! Feel free to substitute butterscotch chips, chocolate chips for the caramel...

4-inch lollipop sticks
Melon baller
Granny Smith apples (one apple makes about 8 mini apples)
Butterscotch or peanut butter chips
Chopped nuts, nonpareils, sprinkles, shredded coconut (optional)
Small paper candy cups

1. First, cut the lollipop sticks in half at an angle (the pointy end will go into the apple pieces easier). With the melon baller, scoop little balls out of the apple. Each ball should have a section of apple peel. Push half of a lollipop stick into the peel of each ball. Pat the apple pieces dry.

2. Melt the chips according to the package directions. Dip and swirl the mini apples in the melted chips, then roll the apples in nuts, sprinkles, nonpareils, or coconut, if desired. Place the mini apples in paper candy cups to set.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Groom's Tip of the Day

Whether you have a tropical destination wedding, getting married in a hot summer month, or if your groom tends to perspire more than the "average" guy, have him bring a second dress shirt to change into for the reception!

It could be a lifesaver for pictures ( no icky "pit shots" ) and he'll probably feel more refreshed with a new shirt on...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Style Watch for 2010

Wedding gown sashes have been a mainstay for several seasons now - but I am looking forward to seeing more bold florals and wider sashes and belts adorned with vintage brooches, feathers and jewel-packed focal points.

Check out some of my new favorite looks!

Images from: Etsy- Emici Bridal ; Green Wedding Shoes; 1000Markets

Friday, October 2, 2009

Song of the Day

I used this lovely cover by R&B crooner Kenny Lattimore, from his album "Timeless"

It's one of my new faves and i'm sure the Beatles would be proud!

click HERE to listen