Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wonder what Would Happen If We Turned the Heater On?

When honeymoons are planned, some couples opt for a cruise in the Bahamas, others an exotic getaway in Turks & Caicos - but what about an ice hotel? Now that would be "cool"!

Here are some pics from Quebec's Hotel de Glace! Nothin' like "chillin' at the bar with your new hubby"!

For more information, please contact Hotel Glace directly HERE

Now on to the eye candy (all pics from travel site

The Wedding Chapel:

Bar & Hotel Pics:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hot Mama!

You have your gown, your love has his tux or suit -- but what about your parents...most especially your moms?

Whether mom's style is conservative and modest or trendy and "now", definitely don't leave out looking in the bridesmaid dress selections! With more and more moms wanting to be more fashionable and less "matronly", bridesmaid dresses offer a wide array of styles to choose from! (Think "Red Carpet" --- after all, shouldn't our moms feel glamorous too?)

I love the LOVE line from Enzoani, Watters & Watters, Sophia Tolli, and JLM... Whichever your mom chooses (barring red tubetop and daisy dukes) just relax and let her bask in the pride that only a mother feels on such a joyous occasion! Try not to monopolize ALL her wardrobe choices, I mean she has been dressing herself for longer than you've been alive, after all **wink wink**

Sohpia Tolli:

LOVE by Enzoani:

Watters & Watters:

all images from BRIDES