Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Sugar Fairy Has Arrived!

As popular as candy buffets have gotten over the years, I love the idea of cotton candy being spun and doled out to bring out the kid in all of us!

Pics from Martha Stewart; Adrianne Bonafede; Jessamyn Harris

Special Rates!

While my website is under construction, I thought I'd post my promotional rates here!

All events must be in 2010

Day of coordination services include:
Confirm details with vendors 1-2 weeks prior
Create a detailed event timeline for your wedding party and vendors
Direct ceremony processional - unless your church or venue has a point person for this - I serve as an assistant to the Church Coordinator or simply step back, as most churches are strict on who "runs" the rehearsal
Coordinate and assist the set-up and break-down of the ceremony and reception sites
Assist with set-up of wedding details such as guestbook, programs, escort cards, menus, favors, etc.
Act as the point of contact for all vendors
Assist wedding party and guests as needed
Ensure gifts are secure and delivered to the designated person
Distribute final payments and gratuities to vendors
Provide bride's emergency kit
Normal Rates Start at $750; $450 if booked before December 31, 2009
*Based on 100 guests or less
Travel charges may apply

Partial Wedding Planning:
Assist in creating a practical budget
Provide vendor referrals based on style and need
Develop a wedding checklist
Locate the best venue selections based on your needs
Create vendor payment schedules and reminders
Attend final venue walk-through
Provide county specific marriage license information
Assist with honeymoon arrangements
Normal Rates Start at $1,000; $700 if booked before December 31, 2009
All Service include Day of Coordination package
*Based on 100 guests or less
Travel charges may apply

Full Wedding Planning:
In addition to the Partial Wedding Package:

Develop and create event design based on your style and vibe
Negotiate best possible rates with vendors
Research several venues based on your specifications
Find an officiant based on your needs
Normal Rates Start at $1,700; $1,100 if booked before December 31, 2009
*Based on 100 guests or less
Travel charges my apply

Cell: 415-816-8656

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Destination Weddings: The Hidden Costs

The warm balmy air... the smell of gardenia and hibiscus wafting... the cost of your phone bill!

A few things to make room for in your budget if you are contemplating a destination wedding:

(1) Huge phone bills, especially if your destination is out of the country
(2) Scouting trips, trips to finalize details, etc...
(3) Shipping costs for decor, clothing, etc...
(4) Airline fees for additional luggage, pets (if your resort accepts them)
(5) Local taxes
(6) Travel fees for vendors you are flying in (plane, taxi/car service and accomodations)
(7) Delivery charges for out of town goodies for your out of town guests

Destination weddings are a superb idea - you'll already be at your honeymoon location! Just be sure to find a local capable planner who can help you along the way.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hangin' Out

I stumbled across this wonderful ETSY store, LilaFrances while I was searching for a custom hanger for my wedding gown.

A total steal for $15 and such a cute idea for bridesmaids too!

Can't wait to get mine!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Who You Callin' Cupcake?

Cupcakes continue to grow as a fabulous and yummy alternative to wedding cake!

Here's a super easy way to dress them up, as suggested by San Antonio, TX bakery Alamo Sweets:

Using a 10" doily makes about 4 liners - much more economical than spending $1 each liner, no?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You're Invited...

Throw away the vellum, deep 6 the ribbon, yes folks, gone are the days of stale wedding invitations! Enter custom designed invitations that rival the couture dress and fashionista shoes!

My invitation vendor of the week is San Diego, CA based designer Moira Design Studio. I met Jessica on a wedding forum last year and was really impressed with her innovative designs and fresh approach to giving the wedding invitation suite a much needed makeover.

Moira Design Studio offers more than wedding day suites, Jessica also designs baby announcements and personalized stationary.

Check out some of her work!

You're Gonna What the Dress?

That's right - we're gonna TRASH THE DRESS!!!!

A far cry from the Southern tradition of a bridal portrait - more and more ladies are choosing to take pics in their dresses in open fields, one the beach, anywhere far away from the formality that is the wedding day.

Some of my fave "TTD" pics from my own wedding photographer, the stupendously talented Kristi Klemens :

The Little Ones

No doubt that the day belongs to the bride and groom - but it's always the little ones who steal the show!

Check out these cuties!

Pics from photographers Heidi Ryder and Adrienne Gund

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dress(es) of the Week

Once in a rare blue moon, I see a dress that totally captures me... I salivate, swoon and downright drool - here are three designs from Model Novias that i absolutely love!

It's Gotta Be The Shoes

Long gone are the days of white shoes that brides only wear once and then wonder "Now what - these white satin shoes are going to stay in my closet forever!"

Check out these fantAbulous shoes!

images from photgraphers: Melissa Mcclure, Stephanie Williams and Diana Kay

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Totally NOT Wedding Related!

Okay - i call myself pretty open minded; not much rattles me; I don't get squeamish watching Discovery Channel when surgeons are operating; I can hear the grossest off-color jokes and not flinch--- but this commercial by Charmin, it's just so so so wrong!

I am a bit disturbed - like i know it's a cartoon - but something about any character, real or not with tp bits leftover??? ***shudder***

Check it out HERE

Are you in good hands?

So it's definitely not the sexiest of wedding topics - but what's the deal with wedding insurance? Do you really need it? Should you pony up for it or take your chances?

I see everyone's eyes glazing over right now! Pay attention folks - this is important, especially if your vendor(s) goes belly-up, and in this economy, you never know, ya know?

Here are some companies to consider:

Fireman's Fund




The Love Glove!

Settle down folks - i don't mean "that" love glove! hahaha

I'm talkin' about our ringbearer's "ring glove"! As an homage to our love for baseball, our cute ringbearer will be carrying our rings in a miniature leather baseball glove. Made by Bergino , it's small enough to not be bulky for the little guy - and large enough to still be recognized as a baseball glove and tie our rings to it! Those are our rings in the pic...

Can't wait to see it in action!

Let's hear it for the Boys!

So I've had quite the week and haven't been able to blog daily - I have a bunch iof thoughts in my head - so get ready to read my ramblings! hahhaa!!

First up - the guys!

Do they really just "show up"?? Shouldn't we "give" them something to do? I am giving my groom free reign to choose his own shoes and socks, after all, he's been successfully dressing himself for 35 years now - okay okay - maybe 31 years??

I love seeing photos of argyle socks, Vans shoes, Jordans, anything other than the same old tuxedo shoes -- which according to all the guys in our wedding - are about as uncomfortable as a gal wearing a size 6 shoe when a 7 is really needed - yikes!

So here we go - let's hear it for the boys!

Pics from; greenweddingshoes; greylikesweddings; pamela marie photography

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kristeen & Josh

Kristeen and Josh were married at hip LA venue Marvimon last November

From Kristeen's Pronovias dress, to her gorgeous florals by The Treasured Petal, to her cake from Vanilla Bake Shoppe, their wedding was truly picture perfect!

Her photogreapher Trista Lerit did an amazing job capturing the night's events...

Congrats Kristeen & Josh!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

'Tis the Season

...nope not the holidays - 'tis the season of Cinderella teams making a run, of upsets, and of super fun tailgating!

Spring and Summer are my absolute fave seasons - but my fave time of the year is when college football rings in the air - when university stadiums across the country are packed to the gills and both alumni and students, fans old and young cheer on and root for their hometown team.

As an homage to cfb - i found these fun wedding pictures with the bride & groom representin' their alma mater!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bouquets Go Couture

Like cufflinks to his sleeves, like your grandmother's hat on Derby Day, like the perfect dessert and cup of coffee to cap the perfect meal, these bouquets just finish off the wedding day look for brides - I guess you could say they're the cherry on top!

From Jagger Photography:

Friday, September 4, 2009

These Ain't Your Momma's Bridesmaid Dresses!

Bridesmaid dresses have gotten so much flack in past decades, but I do have to tip my hat to innovative brides who "just say no" to the standard dress that honestly speaking, most bridesmaids never wear again...

My prediction: OMBRE! I love love love love this =)

The lovely graduation in color is fantastic and even better, the bridesmaids can really wear the dress again - win/win sitch if ya ask me!

Top to Bottom Images from: KLK Photography; White House / Black Market; Nicole Miller

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DIY Salt-Sugar Scrub

I was looking for something easy to DIY for all the gorgeous ladies who have helped me along the way - did I mention i'm getting married in December? ha! Well, clearly a weekend spa trip was going to cause me to rob a bank - and i can't do that, i like my freedom thanks wink wink... Then i found this fabulous step-by-step tutorial on - and voila!

This is totally idiot-proof even I did it-- and i'm so not a crafty DIYer!

Salt Scrub
You will need 4 ingredients to make a scrub
1. Epsom Salt or Organic Sugar*
2. Carrier Oil (Olive Oil*, Sunflower Oil or Grape Seed Oil)
3. Essential Oils
4. Food Coloring


1. Mixing bowl
2. Plastic or metal mixing spoon
3. Pipette (This is for your essential oils, most store bought oils will have a dispensing top you can use instead.)
4. Canning jars

To make:
1. Take 2 cups of salt/sugar and put into a mixing bowl and combine 1 cup of oil with the salt/sugar mix well.
2. After salt and oil are mixed put in 8 drops of essential oils in whatever scent(s) you choose. Mix well.


3. Add one drop of desired food color and mix together.


4. After everything is mixed together spoon the mixture into the canning jars.


Yield: 1 pint or 2 1/3 cups

• *Tips:
- Some extra virgin olive oils can interfere with the smell of the scrub it is best to use a carrier oil with little or no smell; sunflower oil or grape seed oil work best.
- Organic sugar usually costs more than Epsom salts and doesn’t have the same skin care qualities. However it is a finer texture to your scrub.
- If you have never mixed essential oils before it is best to stick with citrus scents they mix best together or use one basic scent like lavender or peppermint. (I like to make grapefruit – I put in 6 drops of the grapefruit oil and 2 drops of lemon. *Lemon is a great oil to mix with other citrus scents and eucalyptus.)
- It is best to choose a color that is corresponding with your scent i.e. pink for grapefruit
• Packaging Ideas:
- For larger groups of people it is easy to spit the mixture up in to 1/2-pint jars and display the gifts in a large basket.
- You can decorate to jars like you would if you made jam by putting scraps of fabric between the lid and the jar rim. You can also tie ribbons around the jar rim and loop a label with the scent through the ribbon. Circular jars lend themselves well to sticker labels as well.