Friday, July 23, 2010


Holy long absence batman! Whew! I've been offline for a few months due to a family concern - but now all is back on track and we're once again ready to roll!

How is everyone's summer so far? How many weddings, graduations, retirement parties, baptisms, housewarming parties, etc have you been invited to? It seems like every other weekend there is something going on!

So I'm gonna keep this re-entry short and sweet and full of eye candy ;-)

I stumbled across this "DUDE-OIR" shoot and for the guys who are confident enough to do this - more power to them! Great job by photographer Boudoir Rouge! I love that finally finally finally, the term "boudoir pics" can be taken in a more loose translation of anyone wanting to take pics in a "not so everyday" way; it's sultry, saucy, yet refined and not vulgar! Bravo! I am hoping this starts a new trend which will also include couples being more open-minded of taking these.

All photos by Boudoir Rouge Photography

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