Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wonder what Would Happen If We Turned the Heater On?

When honeymoons are planned, some couples opt for a cruise in the Bahamas, others an exotic getaway in Turks & Caicos - but what about an ice hotel? Now that would be "cool"!

Here are some pics from Quebec's Hotel de Glace! Nothin' like "chillin' at the bar with your new hubby"!

For more information, please contact Hotel Glace directly HERE

Now on to the eye candy (all pics from travel site

The Wedding Chapel:

Bar & Hotel Pics:


  1. You have a blog award....

  2. Brrr!! :)

    I nominated you for Kreativ Blogger. You have great and creative wedding inspirations on your beautiful blog!

  3. I love the pics...... But I don't want to look like a shriveled prune on my HM. Which would happen due to me kicking it in the Jacuzzi and under the heating blanket the whole entire Vacay.