Thursday, December 17, 2009

Life After the Party!

Ok, i've totally sucked at blogging as the month and weeks and days approached closer to my wedding day! But now, I'm back and married =) woohooo!!!!

Of course I want my pro pics like right this very moment - but must exercise some patience! The superbly talented Kristi Klemens shot my wedding, with the vibrant and incredible Melissa McClure as our 2nd shooter.

It's true what they say, the day flies by like a blur - so definitely soak it all in! There were some snafus along the way - I was sick up to the day before our wedding, I forgot the aisle runner, the flowergirl's petals and basket. But those were easily remedied... I sent my sister-in-law to the local grocery store and had her buy a dozen white carnations and then instructed our flowergirl to hand one carnation to whoever was sitting at the end of the pews...problem solved!

We decided to do a "first look" and pre-ceremony pictures because of daylight and we wanted to spend some time together before the madness of the rest of the day! We couldn't have made a better choice for us! We also bucked tradition in that we drove to the church together, along with my father!

Some sneak pics:
(i had custom hangers made for my bridesmaids from Etsy LilaFrances)

At the reception, we set up a photostation for our guests - with shiny wigs, mardi gras beads, santa hats, and those huge sunglasses for our guests to put on and be goofy! Photographer Cari Hollis specifically shot our photostation:

I cannot wait to see more pictures from our guests - and for the pro pics in 2 more months!

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  1. I haven't been able to get on PW at work recently so I'm really happy I found your blog. Your wedding looks like it was so much fun and you look stunning in your dress. Congrats!